HappiLyfe motivates and empowers individuals to lead happier lives

Many individuals fail to find fulfillment and happiness despite their level of perceived “success.” They neglect to understand what is most important to them and neglect to take the time to reflect on their actions and consequent results.
Our mission is to empower individuals to lead happier, more balanced and purposeful lives through self-reflection, self-awareness, motivation and community. Our vision is to be the tool of choice for individuals who wish to achieve happier, more balanced and purposeful lives, by providing a simple, elegant interface and a thoughtful user experience.

The app achieves this through a simple interface that focuses on identification, prioritization and analysis of daily and long-term personal goals

 Self-awareness is raised through tracked insights that provide a deeper understanding of yourself and your values so you can make appropriate adjustments in your actions, goals, and life.

Guided self-reflection prompts you to think more deeply about your goals, progress, priorities, and feelings to improve your long-term results.

Bits of love and encouragement to motivate you and remind you that you can do it!

Community is formed around the people most important to you and allows them to engage in your goals and accomplishments.


Self awareness
Self reflection